Chun-Chung Chen in OfficeChun-Chung Chen is a physicist graduated from the University of Washington where he worked with Prof. Marcel den Nijs on statistical physics of non-equilibrium critical phenomena. After graduation, he worked on statistical physics of reversibly associated polymers with Prof. Elena Dormidontova, who was at the Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. He later moved to Pittsburgh to work with Prof. David Jasnow at the University of Pittsburgh in the direction of theoretical research on biophysics. He return to Taiwan in 2009 and worked as a staff scientist in the Physics Division of the National Center for Theoretical Sciences in Hsinchu. Now, he is a research scientist at the Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica in Taipei.

Here you can find his curriculum vitæ and the list of publications.

Chun-Chung Chen
Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica
128 Sec 2 Academia Rd, Nangang Dist
Taipei, Taiwan 11529

Chun-Chung Chen