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It's easier to code for what you want than to decide what you really want.

an IGS client written in C++

latest release: ccgo- (2010-01-15) - ChangeLog (2015-05-23)


ccGo is a program allows you to play go with gnugo on your computer or with other players on the IGS on the internet.


You can find a screen shot of my desktop running ccgo-0.3.4 here.


This is project for sharpening my programming skill. In writing this program I have the following goals in mind.

However, these are pretty subjective matters. So, don't be supprised if it's not as what you think!


To compile this program, you need the following working libraries

They are included in Debian unstable. And, you can find the corresponding RPMS packages from Fedora Extras.


To use it, you still need to be familiar with IGS text commands. ccgo only provides the UI in a need to be basis.

If you have problem connecting to IGS with ccGo or regularly get disconnected unexpectedly, please see this page.


You can download the source files of ccGo from http://ccdw.org/~cjj/prog/ccgo/src/ .


Debian packages:

URL: http://ccdw.org/~cjj/files/debs/

To build the debian packages from source, you need to download


and build them with, e.g.,

dpkg-source -x ccgo_x.x.x-y.dsc
cd ccgo-x.x.x

provided that you have a working debuild environment and meet all dependency.

Fedora SRPMs:

URL: http://ccdw.org/~cjj/files/srpms/

Since version 0.3.1, a spec file is distributed within the tar.gz package. So, you can as well just download the tar ball and build a RPM binary package with the command:

rpmbuild -tb ccgo-x.x.x.tar.gz

Suggestions and Bugs

Suggestions and bug reports are welcome. Please direct them to the author.


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